Gifts for Hope is an online gift store for animal lovers that is raising funds through our sales to open a no-kill animal rescue.

Along our journey we are also going to support existing rescues from all around the world through our own donations.

About the Founder

Gifts for hope was created by Aleisha Burgess, a New Zealand born 25 year old that is currently living in Perth Australia with her partner, five dogs and four ferrets!

' From a young age i dreamed of starting my own animal rescue, at age 11 i was writing my school speech on animal cruelty and at age 12 i was designing my own Animal rescue facility. As i got older i realized that to be able to afford a property and build an animal rescue , i am going to have to need a lot more than dreams and a love for animals to fund it! Eventually i had the idea to create Gifts for Hope, an online gift store full of wonderful products that appeal to animal lovers such as myself. This is my opportunity to turn my dream of opening an animal rescue into a reality. In the mean time there are so many great rescue organisations and animals out there that need our help right now .They simply cannot wait for me to open my own facility , that is why we are donating to multiple rescue organisations along the way so we can start making a difference today.'

We would love to here your suggestions and feedback.

Contact us via info@giftsforhope.net

or on our Instagram www.instagram.com/giftsforhopestore/

Animal Rescues

Initially each animal rescue we support will receive a $500 donation once we reach that goal for them through sales.  After that we will start raising funds for the next cause we want to support. This way we can support multiple rescue organisations with their missions.

If you are an animal rescue or shelter that would like our support please contact us at : info@giftsforhope.net

We will feature an article about your organisation on our website, Instagram and Facebook page to bring awareness to the animals in your care that need our help.

We can work together to draw attention to each others missions through social media and make a difference in so many animals lives.

Instagram Influencers

If you are an Instagram Influencer that is passionate about the work animal rescues do and have a 20k+ following of animal lovers like yourself we would love to send you some free products and give your followers a special discount code for our store. Instagram is a huge tool for us to get our mission out there and we would love your support!

Support us on Social media!

If you love our cause and want to do your part to support rescue animals please follow us on Instagram and share our website.

We often will run exclusive discounts to our loyal Instagram followers.


 Thank you for your support

gifts for hope store gifts for her him animal rescue dog rescue cat

 Aleisha Burgess with one of her dogs Mishka.

Founder of Gifts for Hope




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